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Recruit Japanese manufacturing is

It is not the whole truth, but there is an impression in the impact of the recession and the overseas transfer of production bases,"Japanese" manufacturing and might end up!
Indeed, labor costs, such as workman, an operation of the companymanagement has become increasingly severe. However, all is not stopped! Development of new products has made ​​it even now, and we have continued manufacturing activity.

We will propose a "mechanism" of new ideas to achieve the maintenance of skilled workers stay productive work environment for the manufacturing industry, cost reduction and unchanged.

We help support the foundation of Japan through the "Manufacturing", to achieve a secure location and rewarding working workman-skilled workers.

Leadership skills Work is to teach inexperienced people who burning desire to "Manufacturing", the knowledge and know-how, machinery, metal processing, such as welding. We also offer a chance to active in the field also.
Business planning Work is to propose a "mechanism" of our own manufacturingindustry followed by a difficult business, that can satisfy both cutcosts and staffing required.
Fabrication drawing Fabrication drawing by auto-CAD.
You can fully to your work experience.
Content Please have

[Skill leaders]
We will ask you to teach the knowledge and know-how in human resources for "the future" with working while utilizing the skills and craftsmanship that you have built up over the years.
I want to recruit this time,
□ The work experience of machining metal
□ The welding work experience
□ If you have a know-how of safety and health,
and is an experience of management and leadership training above job.

・In addition to the method where you actually work, but through the actual work, asked to teaching, providing education of skilled workers, skilled workers aim to return members and inexperienced "Technical Farm (Training Center / plant)" in without creating activities such as training, a free schedule, we offer a working environment serving.
・In order to work with confidence, and employment as a regular employee! Primarily, will leave the work to the work centeraccording to your experience.

About technical farm (Training Center /plant)
We originally established Technical farm(Training Center / plant) for the people who "inexperienced technicians"and "start to become skilled worker".
This plant has a function as a plant and its support of our projects, to function as a training facility. I think you would like to work here and train the younger worker.
Please teach your knowledge and know-how for young worker which they can work as skilled workers can respond to contracting and contract-our projects.

Please also safe way of "not good at teaching".
Our technical farm's person in charge will support you which you can communicate with young worker.

Own knowledge and know-how from generation to generation has been handed down from senior.
In Japan now leads many generations is missing is lost.
So, in our technical farm, we want to revive the good old-fashioned practice.

[Business planning]
This job is to get the manufacturing projects.It is not to suggest the dispatch of technicians!

・The biggest problem currently faced by companies, are forced to strict management, and dilemmas that must be paid to those skilled in the high salary, it must continue the development and manufacture.
Please approached our own proposals to cut this problem of"side jobs" and "working side", to satisfy both sides.

・This mechanism we have devised is unique.
So, we thought as well as new methods of doing business, you need to create.
We expect you to propose our business and mechanism by fresh and original way.

Significance of work
Experience and ability has been built up that you tried hard. Please leave it by teaching young workers, the proof of the existence of countries that have supported you, the Japan of "manufacturing". "Manufacturing" is still alive.
Japan is in need of your active yet!
[What you will taking about skill]
The way which "to learn the know-how by looking seniors way" is difficult to young workers.
Because they have been learned by textbooks.
But if there is a chance,you and they can know each other.
In our technical farm,our manager teach you how to teach.
We will support you.
[Independent support]
Please contact us If you think "I want to independence with my fellow members".
We support your independence as a partner of us and we will introduce the work.
About I do not want to end the knowledge and know-how Do not utilize the experience again.
[Teach the skill ]
We are looking for the experience in welding / metal machining (specifications, materials, unquestioned industry)! ・Please help to take over the know-how to the next generation.
・Please also practice can utilize your experience.
・We will welcome management supervision and teaching experience.

[Business planning]
How to Buy, Sell, and documents of the proposal, we will now make all of them. Taking advantage of the vitality and ability to take action, please active.
[Leadership skills]
Sanitation supervisor of the first kind, class 1.2 Skills Test.
Skilled workers welding WES, JIS and other ... ,etc.
we will welcome if you have such credentials (experience required).

[Business planning]
Some experience welcome (small and medium-sized) corporation.
Recruitment We