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Contracting business skills sector
(contract type, loan type, sub-contractors)
Permanent department dispatch business skill
(Dispatch of high-level skilled workers)
Trustee business
(product and processing contract, contract skills training)

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Contracting business skills sector

[Training Center and factory (Technical farm)]
Factory premises by the holder-contracting skills
Seconded team-skilled employees and apprentices, contractors premises
Subcontracting by utilizing plant-cooperation

Welding, metal processing machinery, etc., 
Technical areas in manufacturing are our fields.

[Results and dispatch contractors]
Hydraulic equipment, machine tool construction machinery
Air conditioning production facilities (production line)
transportation equipment · · · Etc

Permanent dispatch business sector skills

[Human resources in manufacturing that require advanced skills]
Dispatch the holder of high performance skills training graduates
Training and dispatch the skill worker to meet the needs of our customers.

High-performance skill holder and pre-training youth workers have been enrolled.

[Welding-related human resources ]
CO2 TIG MIG MAG arc gas · · · etc
Welding experience and qualified personnel

 Trustee business

[Such as welding and machining (NC machines, general-purpose machine)]
Product manufacturing and processing, metal parts
Contract Services at (technical farm) house plant
Contract Services for Skills Training (company employees)
Contract Services prototyping

We do product manufacture, processing metal parts, worker training.

[Skills Training (machining, cutting)]
NC lathe,General-purpose lathe,Universal Milling Lathe
Machining,3D CAD,lectures· · · etc

[Results trustee works]
Molds for automotive parts,machining the bearing bracket,
Plastic parts, coolant parts machining,parts machining molds for injection molding machines,machine Tools・・・etc.