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We think that human resources business is social and public service,so we need strengthening of compliance.

periodic self-inspection through the use of compliance report
Check business conducted monthly by the Compliance Officer has been appointed in each office.
Result is visualized by creating self-inspection report, we have to share information and issues throughout the company.

Implementation of internal regular audits by the  audit department
Periodic audits by the headquarters audit department  twice a year.
Development of contracts and legal documents
Audits such as the date or whether it is conflict, and how business is done in accordance with law and temporary labor law, regulations.

close relationship, ability to gather information with the administration
We are also actively participating in training and other public while conducting regular exchange of information with the Labor Standards Supervision Office Coordination Division and the Department of Labor supply and demand each, to be implemented under the auspices of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Day-to-day administrative information that originates, has been completely covered in our intra-company, providing information is available to customers of the latest trends in labor administration.


We think that is most important to protect "Personal Information" securely because we check many "Personal Information".
We are to fulfill this responsibility, we will seek the protection of personal information, in accordance with this policy management to understand the "Privacy Policy"this officer, all employees working in our company.

For use with the acquisition of personal information
We are, if you want to obtain personal information, use properly within the scope of the acquisition on a clear purpose, with the consent of the person in question.
Without obtaining the consent of the person, you can alsouse there is no other purpose. In addition, measures for it.

Provision of personal information
We are able to provide to any third party without obtaining the consent of the person and personal information is not available.

Compliance with such laws and regulations
We are, we will comply with the Code regulations relating to the protection of personal information, and other guidelines.

For safety management actions for personal information
And our measures, unauthorized access, loss of personal information, prejudice, tampering, safety,reasonable corrective, we take preventive measures against risks such as leakage.

For details on handling of complaints of personal information, such as consultation
We are also available with at the reception desk without delay disclosure of personal information from the person, correction, or deletion requests and complaints,for consultation.

For continuous improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System
Our company is to improve continuously in order to match such as changes in regulatory techniques and periodic review, continuously unique rules management systems and the personal information protection management system was constructed, and the management system appropriate to protect personal information We actively working on.